Do Natural Cures Work for Serious Skin Psoriasis?

26 Apr

psoriasisSkin diseases are hard to cure and psoriasis is one of the toughest.  Some people in their 40s have it since their teenage and they are still searching for a cure. Chronic sufferers find this skin condition frustrating because it keeps appearing and vanishing without any explicable reason. The fact that there is no single reason for this skin disease is even more frustrating. While it is almost impossible to pin down the actual reason for psoriasis in a person, it may be caused by several factors such as skin injury, irregular metabolism, heredity, infection, allergies and change of season. Although there are a couple of drugs for this skin problem, they are not known to work for everyone because each individual may have got it for a different reason. This indicates that the secret of psoriasis cure lies in finding the root cause of the problem.

Psoriasis can happen on the skin of any part of the body, but it mostly affects the knees, elbows, lower back, chest and scalp. There are five different types of psoriasis: erythrodermic, guttate, inverse, plaque and pustular. The psoriasis you see on most people is plaque. Different types of psoriasis have slightly different symptoms, but the main symptom is a patch of itchy red skin covered with silver white flakes that look like scales on the affected area. Having psoriasis can be highly embarrassing and frustrating because it itches badly and the affected area looks unhygienic.

Drugs generally used for psoriasis cure are methotrexate, cyclosporine and retinoid. However, most experts have poor opinion of these drugs because they may be too harsh for most sufferers. Some sufferers prefer to use creams, ointments, skin lotions, moisturizers and shampoos. Sometimes, ultraviolet light is used. While these methods have beneficial to a lot of people, there are long term sufferers who have never been free of the condition no matter what method they have tried. Natural cure may be the only option for such chronic sufferers.

Rather than a speedy relief, natural treatment for any disease focuses on a long term approach to psoriasis cure. This means that the sufferer must be prepared to wait for a length of time for the treatment to show its effect. Proponents of natural cure have recommended a variety of solutions for psoriasis, including oatmeal bath, vegan diet free of gluten, fish oil, vitamins and herbal supplements, olive oil, paper cider vinegar, herbs, aromatherapy, water therapy, relaxation, soaking in water, sunlight and Dead Sea Salt.

It should not be difficult for chronic sufferers to find a cure for themselves when there are so many different natural remedies recommended by the experts. But the fact is that the proponents themselves do not agree on many issues. Some lay emphasis on proper diet to detoxify the system, while others say that diet is not important. However, a majority of them seem to share the view that relieving stress, avoiding injury, taking vitamins and water therapy can actually work. Drinking lots of water to keep the body hydrated is the most basic natural cure recommended by the proponents. Making use of apple cider vinegar within the infected areas is also believed to be effective. Other solutions include taking vitamins, fruit juice and fish oil daily. As for vegan diet, it simply is not realistic for non-vegans. Exposure to the mild sunlight in the morning may also be helpful, although harsh sunlight of the day should be avoided. The condition may also be healed by soaking in water every day. Dead Sea Salt sounds a bit too fanciful, although that may work. There are also many other natural remedies you can try; they may or may not work, but they sure won’t hurt. If nothing works, then you may have to take psoriasis as an inseparable part of your life and learn to accept it.


Types of Skin Psoriasis You Have to Know

19 Apr

psoriasisA patient identified as having psoriasis is described as having reddened skin with flaky patches. Psoriasis, although non-contagious, can cause problems for a patient for a long period, especially because there is no telling when it could become much worse or better.

There are five cases of psoriasis. The first form of psoriasis is plaque psoriasis, also referred to as psoriasis vulgaris. Plaque psoriasis is characterized by raised and puffy skin. The swollen skin has red lesions layered with dehydrated patches of skin. The knees, elbows, and scalp are known as the areas commonly affected by plaque psoriasis. The second kind is the guttate psoriasis. Gestate psoriasis regularly manifests at the time of childhood and lasts until the affected individual is an adult. In this type of psoriasis, small, red marks show on the body and arms. The red spots, albeit much less compact as plaque psoriasis lesions, come out after a diagnosis of upper respiratory tract infection or tonsillitis. The manifestation of small, red spots are also linked with pressure and the ingestion of drugs with beta-blockers or prescriptions for preventing malaria. Developing lesions which are lustrous and bright red is usually a symptom of inverse psoriasis, a different type of the skin disease. The lesions appear usually in skin folds like the underarms or groin, under the breasts, and close to the reproductive organs and buttocks. Since they are present in places where there are skin folds, they are more predisposed to discomfort because of perspiring and rubbing. The fourth type of psoriasis is pustular psoriasis. In pustular psoriasis, there is inflammation of the skin on the palms and soles. Yet another sign of pustular psoriasis is pus-filled lumps. Once the pus-filled lumps have dried out, they will be replaced by marks and flaky skin. The fifth type of psoriasis, and also the most deadly, is the erythrodermic psoriasis. The skin has a shiny red look and seems as though it were burned. There is a difference in body heat and the person can feel very cold or very hot. Erythrodermic psoriasis moreover causes severe and painful scratching, along with abnormal heart rate.

What causes psoriasis remains unclear. Although psoriasis is genetic, not everyone who has a family background of the skin condition might acquire it. Psoriasis patients usually comment that their illness started after encountering a traumatic situation; having a cut or scratch, or a sore throat; or ingesting medication with beta-blockers or medication for malaria.

Since psoriasis is a recurring problem, it can drastically affect a person’s daily lifestyle. For example, itchiness of the skin is a commonplace effect of psoriasis. Bleeding results when the affected person cannot curb his/her scratch. Aside from that, itching and bleeding can keep the patient up through the night, resulting to insufficient sleep. This, subsequently, can make him/her get off track at school or at the office. Another effect of psoriasis is low self-esteem because of the skin’s look.

Psoriasis is treatable, though the remedies vary in accordance with the degree of the problem. A minor affliction can usually be treated with a lotion or a cream. A health practitioner can suggest an ultraviolet light treatment if a large part of the skin is already affected.

The Usefulness of Neem Oil in Healing Psoriasis

1 Apr

psoriasisPsoriasis is an autoimmune disease of the skin due to the abnormal reaction of the immune system to pre-existing cells.  This body defense mechanism perceives such cells as pathogenic agents and attacks them thus accelerating the growth cycle of skin cells.  A normal skin cell matures and falls off in 28 to 30 days but a psoriatic skin cell takes only 3 to 4 days to mature.  So instead of shedding off from the body’s surface, the cells stack up and form the psoriatic skin lesions.  As a result, reddish and whitish plaques show up on skin and in no time, would turn into dried out scales.

There are already a lot of psoriasis treatment methods in the market nowadays that promise total skin psoriasis cure.  Oral and topical medications are available in healing psoriasis but these are artificially formulated that might contribute to negative side effects to the body.  On the other hand, there are also alternative ways in order to aid psoriasis cure that choose the natural and organic ones.  Such of these is the use of neem oil for healing psoriasis.

Nature’s neem oil is a form of vegetable oil which comes from the fruits and seeds of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica).  This is an evergreen tree that originally grows in India and eventually, in other nearby countries in the tropical region.  It claims to be the most significant medicinal oil in Ayurvedic therapy.  Traditional Ayurvedic uses of neem oil include the treatment of fever, malaria, acne, leprosy, and most significantly psoriasis.

The properties of nature’s neem oil can efficiently help in healing psoriasis while there is still no known psoriatic cure.  As evidences, Neem oil is an excellent antibacterial that washes up skin infections that develop because of cracked and broken epidermis due to dryness and scratching.  It would also prevent future skin infections that may worsen psoriasis symptoms upon regular use.

Neem oil is an emollient that softens as well as moistens dried out and cracked skin.  As it moisturizes the skin, it also heals psoriatic lesions and scaling. Neem oil’s active ingredients possess a steroid like effect which helps eliminate irritation and itchiness psoriatic sores bring.  It reduces the redness in healing psoriasis devoid of the harmful side effects.

With the aforementioned effective uses of neem oil, it can certainly and confidently aid in skin psoriasis treatment.  It is better to go for the natural and organic medications in order to prevent negative side effects of the synthetic ones into harming a psoriatic patient.  Neem oil is ought to be given a try designed for healing psoriasis!

Different Ways to Overcome Skin Psoriasis Disease

19 Mar

psoriasisPsoriasis is a really extraordinary type of skin disease which inflicts the majority of Caucasians. Studies show that there is still no known exact remedy for psoriasis as it is a hereditary disorder. It is genetically passed on from parent to offspring and not contagiously-acquired. Generally speaking, genetically-inclined conditions are often difficult to understand thus, treatments are so expensive. In fact, oral and topical medications for skin psoriasis treatments are barely found in the market for its scarcity since advancement of such drugs are too tedious and expensive.

In that matter, there are alternative ways to be able to assist in skin psoriasis treatment. These can be carried out in an alternative-medicine center or even right at home. To mention a few, these are:


Acupuncture originates from ancient China. It is customarily practiced to promote health and relieve pain of those people who are dealing with almost any disease. It is being carried out by putting thin, solid needles into acupuncture points in the skin. These acupuncture points assess the movement and allocation of vital energy all throughout the body. It is meant to stabilize the yin and the yang which are the negative and positive energies, correspondingly that Chinese people take into account to have both of these well balanced all time.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub

It is actually proven to many that Dead Sea is packed with minerals. Its mineral salt could be scrubbed on the epidermis thus clearing the skin from psoriasis plaques.

Water Therapy

Seawater baths can stimulate healthy exchange of minerals and toxins between the blood and the water. It can be done along with Dead Sea salt scrubbing to assist rejuvenation of the skin cells.

Proper Diet

Whatever you intake is what you also obtain outwardly. If you eat healthy, you will be healthy. But when you eat less healthy, you will definitely be unhealthy. Foods rich in selenium help to reduce the potential risk of psoriasis attacks. These include whole grains, some meat, as well as seafood.

With the above-mentioned psoriasis treatment alternate options, a psoriatic patient can definitely trim expenses on really costly medications. Moreover, these are all-natural treatments thus eliminating some harmful negative effects that artificial drugs can induce to the body. Therefore, one must be resourceful in dealing with psoriasis cost-effectively.

Natural Treatments for Psoriasis

13 Mar

psoriasisThus most treatment techniques concentrate on buttressing the immunity mechanism. The most typical form of psoriasis is plaque psoriasis. It is identified by silver colored patches on the skin. Elbows and knees are the places where psoriasis is most certain to appear. Nonetheless they can appear on any piece of the skin, including palms, scalp and lovelies. The degree of psoriasis infection differs from individual to individual. It may appear as patches or cover a complete area. The degree of infection needs to be considered while selecting deal watchmen technique.

Psoriasis is considered to be an auto-immune condition. It is classified by patches of red scaly skin called plaques. This unattractive skin condition is often terribly unpleasant. The itchiness and infection are often quite upsetting. The looks of the skin may cause embarrassment. Over all this might be terribly frustrating for the psoriasis sufferer.

Psoriasis is often a condition tough to heal. It is a stubbornly persistent affliction. When determining the way to deal with your psoriasis, you’ll need to think about a number of the numerous home treatments that are productive for others. At this point we’ll take a glance at simply many of the numerous natural treatments for psoriasis.
Recently, home-made therapies for psoriasis became pretty popular among the concerned people. Among the numerous home-made cures, warm Epsom salt bath has shown to be reasonably effective. Right after the bath, one may apply lotion or olive oil to keep the concerned area moisturized. Aridness can irritate the condition.

Therefore you must keep the concerned area moisturized. The ultraviolet rays are also effective at curing psoriasis. Today, there are psoriasis cures available where the contained area is exposed to synthetic ultraviolet rays. However such remedies are pricey and cannot be afforded by everybody. A much cheaper alternative is to get a bit more daylight. Daylight helps bring Vitamin D production in the body. Vitamin D is an efficient tool towards psoriasis.

Diet is yet another important factor that should be considered by psoriasis victims. Home developed and green food has been seen to heal this illness. Sour gourd is constructive in this skin disorder. Most psoriasis home-made cures include a regular cup of sour gourd juice. Because sour gourd is intensely sour, one can mix it with lime juice or honey.

It is committed to recollect that for some people, diet modifications can have no effect at all. Everyone has different habits, environments, genetic compositions and medical histories, and what assists one may not help an additional – particularly when talking of psoriasis. Some individuals could have the most balanced, most healthy diet internationally but still suffer with psoriasis, and others might eat Burger King and KFC each day, but have unblemished skin.

Nevertheless remembering that, it is surely a marvelous thing to try. Your skin specialist might grate his teeth at me for exclaiming this, but any deal watchmen that only deals with the indicators of a condition is finally a dead-end, and for a giant proportion of psoriasis victims, diet can prove to do miracles by handling the main cause of their psoriasis. Hence “can diet help psoriasis?” Well, perhaps, and in a number of cases, actually, but you want to find out! Chemical remedies are also available so far as psoriasis is included. A lot of them are available without any doctor’s prescription. But natural cures for psoriasis are always the wiser choice.

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